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Partnership with EnGarde® body armor

Drones Without Borders is extremely happy to announce a new partnership with EnGarde® body armor.

EnGarde® serves thousands of clients worldwide, supplying them with the highest quality body armour products on the market today. Their customers include law enforcement, military units, private security, and now Drones Without Borders. EnGarde® offer soft armour, hard armour, and concealable (covert) armour for wearing under clothes.

EnGarde® have kindly donated two ballistic vests and a ballistic helmet to us, in order assist in our work in complex and hostile environments.

Upon accepting the donation, Executive Director of Drones Without Borders, James Michael Wilson, said, "EnGarde® have very kindly provided us with much needed personal protective equipment, to assist in our humanitarian work. As an independent and impartial non-governmental organisation, we rely on partners such as EnGarde® to help us complete our mission. I thank EnGarde®, and it is wonderful for such a renowned company to recognise the value of our efforts."

For more information on EnGarde®, please visit their website:

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email:

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